Tube Culture Limited

Tube Culture Limited

    for music, movie and TV series information
    for our video program about anything we are interested in
    for our Beatles fan-site since 1995 (no kidding!)
    for what's left of our Radiohead fan-site since 2000 (again, no kidding!)

Room 1202, Witty Comm Building,
1A-1L, Tung Choi Street,
Hong Kong

we speak/listen English and Cantonese
and we write English and Traditional Chinese
and (hopefully) we soon can understand Japanese

we code in hidden places with PHP and node.js
and in public places with HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery and react.js
and sometimes Java and Objective-C

we manage servers on AWS (or elsewhere) with LAMP stack and ME_N stack (sorry we skipped Angular.js)

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